can I pay for my food/drink in cash?

All items (aside from merchandise) are paid for with tokens.

There are two options for token purchases:

  • Buy tokens from our Token Booth or roaming token sellers in batches of 10 for $17.70 ($20 including HST)

  • Buy tokens via the Token app, an electronic token system for iOS and Android individually for $1.77 ($2 including HST). Download here!

Why would I want to use an electronic token/the token app?

The app is TOTALLY optional but makes your life a lot easier. Get as many tokens as you need, whenever you need them, right from your phone.

  • No Lineups: If you've attended a festival before you know there is potential for lineups to purchase tokens. With the Token app there are no lineups, just download the app, enter your card info and purchase! You can even do this before you get to the event, or on your way there!

  • Quick Refunds post-event: Refunds at the end of the event are really easy and happen directly in the app if you don't use all the tokens you've purchased, or you can easily donate your tokens to this year's charity instead of requesting a refund!

  • No lost tokens: These tokens can't fall out of your pocket while you're wandering around (well, unless your phone does!). If you happen to lose access to your phone (lost, battery dies, etc.) you can just log in to the app on another device and use, transfer or refund your tokens.

  • Easily Transferable: If you want to buy tokens for someone or send them your unused tokens when you're leaving its a few quick steps in the app, all you need is their email address that they are using for Token Mobile.

  • See What's Available: All of the items available at the vendors are listed in one place: The Token App. It's kept up to date on what sells out so you know exactly what your choices are for your next sample.

Where do I get the token app?

You can download the app by visiting the App Store or Google Play and searching "Token" or by clicking here from your device.